The Triadic Heart: Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames…

by Amani Osun

Unconditional. Acceptance. Acknowledgement. Love parades around as perfection when that is far from the truth. It is more like a raw material found in space that has not been developed yet. When to souls meet in the sky and direct their power towards the center object from opposite directions, this life-less form grows to an energy that can solve the ills of the world…LOVE! Yet, if the two people in this union do not take the time to work together at molding this kryptonite consistency-it can cause a Romeo and Juliet Fate…Star-Crossed Lovers…With an outcome the could be far worse than the creation of “O” a spin on Othello staring Mekhi Phifer. Well…that’s my whimsical spin on love, but I would like to introduce you to three types of relations that I am in the processs of studying: Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames as explained by Kelley Rosano…Link:

A Karmic Relationship is an intense attraction with an emotionally charged feeling, mental obsession, and compulsive sexual attraction. However, these are symptoms of a tragic past life experience from a prior life, your soul is offering you a warning not a green light to get involved. Unfortunately, people in these relationships avoid their intuitive warning signs and jump into these union full speed only to become hurt, defeated, and lost…Karmic relationships is where either the person owes you a Karmic debt or you owe them from a former life. The liaison ends when the debt is paid or when spirit determines time of opportunity to play the relationship is done. Karmic relationships live in a Lower Level where ego rules.

A Soul Mate Relationships is a rarity, though it does not have the fireworks of a Karmic relationship, it is far better. When people are trapped in the lower ego or lower base needs, it is hard for them to transcend to the next spiritual level to find their soul mate. This level requires greater wholeness and completion…and self-mastery…from both individuals in this union. You have to be on a higher level of existence to attract your soul mate. Falling in love with yourself first, is the main requirement. If you want to meet your soul mate, you have to first be the soul mate to you! Soul mates are the next best thing to twin flames because when they come together they mutually support each other, mutually empower each other, and are physically and sexually attracted to each other. Soul mate relationships consist of a deep friendship, strong love and they live at the border of the 5th dimension exhibiting unconditional love for each other.

Twin Flames– This anomaly has been under such a fierce attack for lifetimes that they have separated off through the past lives and have developed differently on each level and have very different astrology from each other. Therefore they have the same intense attraction as a Karmic relationship. When they meet they are not as compatible as soul mates and carry a lot of baggage. It is a very passionate union and if you have not developed enough self-mastery you two can battle again which is very painful. When they fight their negative energy goes out into the universe affecting the cosmos.  Twin flames are separated so that they can develop each on their given path, but when you enter the 5th dimension like in the case of soul mates, twin flames are a source of positive energy to be reckoned with. This crazy duo gets in trouble when they do not have mastery over their emotional body and use emotional power plays, domination, and manipulation from karmic relationship strategies to co-exist with each other. Created from one sun, one male in polarity the other female in polarity-Twin flames have the same soul blue print as father, mother God. They are sometimes seen as tragic love-stories…The dark side of anti-love run rampant on planet earth and they don’t want twin flames together…Because when two identical souls come together and can love each other in a harmonious way…they can turn that love into a mission, a dharma…It will wipe out all negativity on the planet! Because the power of love is the most potent force in all the cosmos, it provides a medicinal affect on society, healing everyone. If twin flames do not have enough self mastery to maintain a healthy relationship, they will fall prey to the  sabotaging ways of anti-love through fear or being with another person…Twin flames live at the top of this triangular hierarchy, it is the most sensitive to destruction and the most powerful love to obtain…

For today and from now on, I will listen to my soul-Avoid toxic karmic relationships while working on my own self-mastery so that I can handle a true relationship on a higher dimension with my soul mate or twin flame. How about you?                      ©NEEMA                                                                  Image